DIR Diving currently offers the following GUE courses:
DIR Diving
Training Overview
Whether you want to learn to dive, become more comfortable in the water, improve your current skills or just try something new - we have the right GUE course for you... GUE courses cater to those wanting learn how to dive, recreational divers, technical or cave divers, and to those who may be transitioning between.

GUE training courses emphasise gaining proficiency in fundamental diving skills that will then be used as building blocks towards improving a diver's capacity. The courses will challenge divers to improve, and as a result participants find the training extremely rewarding as they gain proficiency in the skills (clearly evident through the use of video as a training tool).
- GUE Fundamentals
- GUE Recreational Diver Level 1
- GUE Primer
- GUE Doubles Workshop
- GUE Drysuit Workshop
Details of each course can be found by clicking on the training course name (coming soon...).

In addition, the Recreational DPV and Technical Diver 1 and 2 courses can be arranged as required.
If you would like further information about any of the courses, or would like to arrange your own course, please use the 'Contact Us' link on the navigation bar above
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The current course schedule is available here.
Individual Training Days
Individual training days or "tweaks" are also available for those who wish to work on refining specific skills in preparation for an advanced class or those who just want a bit of a refresher.