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About DIR Diving and Nick Schoeffler
Nick Schoeffler is a GUE Instructor based out of Melbourne, Australia. He learnt to dive in Queensland in the late 1980s and has been involved with Global Underwater Explorers since 2004. Nick has dived in a range of locations across the globe in vastly different environments - from tropical to coldwater; saltwater to fresh; from reef to wreck to cave.

Nick has completed training in both the GUE Technical and Cave streams, and is a Tech 2 and Cave 1 certified diver. He became a GUE Instructor in 2008.

He's currently a member of
Southern Ocean Exploration and the Australian Exploration Group; and has been involved in the discovery of a number of shipwrecks in the waters around Victoria, Australia. He was also lucky enough to be at Wakulla when the WKPP achieved their World Record Cave Traverse in 2007.

Nick has a love for underwater photography and a number of his photographs have been published in Australian newspapers. He has also written several articles that have been published in international diving magazines.

Presentations and Training
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