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Welcome to GUE Diving in Australia
Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and the DIR concept are well-known in Australia. GUE have had a presence in Australia since 2001 and has been steadily growing over time. It is a non-profit organisation focused on three primary areas: Education, Exploration and Research. Members of the organisation regularly participate in community projects related to the underwater environment - whether for conservation or research.
Whether you're interested in recreational diving, technical diving or cave diving (or all three), GUE has courses that will help you get the most out of your scuba diving.

The emphasis of GUE diving is that divers have high levels of comfort, confidence and competence in and around the aquatic environment. Our trainng courses have been conducted in a broad range of environments and are relevant whether you dive in cold or warm water; ocean or fresh water.

'DIR Diving' is an Australian organisation teaching courses accredited by Global Underwater Explorers. Courses are taught by
Nick Schoeffler, a GUE Instructor based in Melbourne, Australia. Nick has been diving since the late 1980s and has experience in a variety of aquatic environments. He has dived and trained with a number of leading underwater explorers and is currently involved in marine research projects - working with maritime heritage organisations and reef monitoring groups.

Please visit the Training page for course information and the current course schedule.
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